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May 13, 2013

We were saddened to learn that Sasha, beloved cat of Sam and Beverly P. of Walland, TN, died recently of feline leukemia. We only knew you for a few days Sasha but you stole our hearts! We know your wonderful cat brother Lonnie is missing you terribly! You were our first polydactyl client!

December 20, 2012

We are thinking of Ernest and Joyce F. this Christmas with the recent loss of their beloved 17 year-old cat Dinghy. We all loved him so much. Without a doubt, he was one of our favorite clients. He was a real class act with a really loud purr. We will all miss him terribly!

November 21, 2011

Gallup with Dan RatherNY Times:
George Gallup Jr., of Polling Family, Dies at 81

We are inconsolable.

October 3-17, 2011

Gallery ShowAli has a showing of her pet portraits at The Gallery in Neptune, NJ. Twenty percent of the proceeds to go to pet charities. Anything not sold will go to the Humane Society for auction.

(Click thumbnail for larger image).

September 12, 2011

LamarPet Adoption Story: Lamar and the Gallups
Published by the Knoxville News Sentinel 9/12/11
by George and Alison Gallup

It was blazingly hot in Townsend that day so my sister, Alison, and I headed for a cool dip in the Little Pigeon River for some relief. We never made it. Just ahead of us on Lamar Alexander Parkway, right where two lanes become four, there appeared to be a commotion.

It was a dog; a frightened and confused yellow lab mix was crossing back and forth across the busy highway, seemingly examining passing cars for signs of familiarity. Not another dumped dog! We helplessly watched as motorists did their best to steer away from this poor creature. We knew his minutes were numbered if someone did not intervene. Just as we pulled in at Back Porch Restaurant the police arrived and stopped traffic. The grateful dog gave us a look as if to say, “What took you so long?” and he jumped into our car without hesitation.

My dad, George Gallup, was visiting us from New Jersey and instantly fell in love with our new charge, aptly naming him Lamar Alexander. He insisted he would adopt him if no one claimed him. No one did.

A year has passed since that day. Finding Lamar was a godsend! He came into dad's life as he was grieving the loss of my mother, his wife of almost 50 years. Lamar has proven to be a loyal, loving, intelligent, faithful, funny, wonderful addition and a glorious companion to my father. They truly needed one another and bring each other joy every day.

Lamar Alexander, the human senator, has since been told by two sources that George Gallup named his dog after him.

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